Who Ya Gonna Call?

Recently I had some difficulty with my phone line and had to have a repair person out to fix the line. I impressed on them how important it was to send someone as fast as possible since the phone is how I make my living. I didn’t tell them what I did for a living. The repair guy though was interested to know just what it is I do I’m on the phone so much, so I told him I’m a phone sex operator and he laughed and then stated he was surprised it was still around like it used to be and back in the day he’d called lines himself a few times.

Later the next night I got this call and he said it was the repair man and he thought he’d like to try phone sex again and he hoped I hadn’t minded he’d called my line directly and I said no, it was fine. I then asked him if he was hard and horny and if he was stroking his cock and he said he shouldn’t have stopped calling the lines, that this was reminding him how much fun it was to talk to another person as you’re masturbating.

We had a good conversation, and I talked him through a couple of good orgasms and he said he’d be sure to call again when the mood struck him, which might be the following night. He loved that he’d met me in person and could then talk that way on the phone to me, not something the average client gets to experience by any means, but in this case it worked out just fine.

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