Walking All Over You

The other night a man called that loved when women walked on him, all over his body, wearing stiletto heels. I’d be too afraid of hurting someone to do that and impaling them, that would be horrible and possible fatal, depending on the place of impalement. He loved the idea though, and even on his chest and stomach. The woman walking up his legs, on his crotch and onto his torso. Sounds painful for sure, but he loves it.

He loves the little marks the tips of the stilettos make on his skin from the pressure of being walked on, it makes his cock stand up straight and rock hard to be abused this way. Some men genuinely love abuse, even if the form of that abuse is being walked on in high heels that exert great pressure on them. He likes a foot job as well, and he likes those high heels being rubbed all over his cock until he shoots a creamy load on them.

Heels, feet, foot jobs, being walked on, these things appeal to many men, thought I’d imagine the ones they want walking on them would be of the petite variety. If they had BBW’s walking on them, they’d be impaled goners for sure. Some love feet more than any other part of a woman and just have all sorts of fantasies about them, smelling them, licking them, sucking on the toes, foot jobs, worshiping them. Feet can drive some men more crazy than just about anything else. Getting walked on is just one more branch on the foot fetish tree.

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