On Your Knees, Slave

So many callers want to talk about being spanked and dominated by women, really spanked hard, like to the point of having welts come up on them. Others will say they want to go to a real time dominatrix, but don’t want to get beaten up since they don’t want their wives to see any marks on them. Some have paid to be beaten up and then come up with outlandish stories about being in a bar fight or bike accident to explain the bruises to their partners that were in fact administered by the dominatrixes they paid.

One client of mine has offered me money to beat him up, two of them have actually, that live not far away from me. They want to be punched and slapped and kicked. One was even willing to rent a hotel room for me to beat him up n. The very idea is insane, yet they were quite serious about it. Some will go to extreme lengths to get what they want even if most people would find it all quite odd. One caller has driven hundreds of miles to see women he’s met online and then paid to beat him, quite severely, even to the point of broken bones.

It is always amazing what some want in the sexual realm, how can pain tot he point of broken bones be sexy or pleasurable in any way? It’s all quite odd and would be interesting to hear what a mental health professional would think of it all and the root cause of such desires. Some I’ve even advised to seek professional help, as I think some need it, but of course they do not feel there’s anything wrong with them in the first place, so they will not be seeking help they do not think they need in the first place.

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