Fuck Me Roughly

Gentle lovemaking has its place for sure, romance, candles, tenderness, it can be wonderful, but once in a while, a rough fuck can absolutely hit the spot. If both partners are consenting, let things get as rough as either of you wants them to. Some are into choking, gagging, pinching nipples until they really hurt and make you scream. My latest boyfriend likes to get things a bit rough and I enjoy it sometimes. The choking when he grabs me by the neck and cuts off my air, it sounds worse than it is, it can be erotic.

He never holds me that way for long and one tap of my hand to stop and he does, but it can make for a very erotic sex session to have someone grabbing and you and pushing you over and totally ravishing you almost against your will. Some couples will even go so far as to simulate a rape attack and have the boyfriend act like the stranger that’s going to take her against her will.

People like all kinds of different roleplays, some get more into tat others. It’s not right for everyone to get rough, some wouldn’t want it at all, but then BDSM isn’t for all couples either, you have to experiment and see what both of your limits are to find out what you like. Some even get into slapping and outright abuse, that’s a little much for my way of thinking, but again, if both people want it, that’s up to them. Some men like to be the ones getting slapped or kicked, they crave abuse and mistreatment by dominant women, so it goes both ways, not just the men being rough with the women.

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