Alone In A Bar

This past Saturday night I did something I almost never do, I went to a bar, and not only that, I had a one night stand with a guy I met there. I was just in a bad mood after some personal things going on and wasn’t acting myself and I went out, alone and went to this nearby bar. I had a few drinks and this guy approached me and he was so good looking, I just couldn’t say no. I wanted some company, so as my place was within walking distance, I asked him to come back to my place, which he did.

Once inside my condo, we didn’t waste any time and were soon nude and sprawled on my bed. He was a bit rougher than I’m used to, he was a good fuck though and he made me cum several times. I sucked on his cock, which was quite large and girthy and luckily, shaved clean, which I prefer. I could hardly wrap my lips around it, it was so big, but I managed, and wondered how it would go in my pussy a few minutes later, which was next on the menu.

I told him to get on his back and I straddled him and knew I could better control the depth that way and I eased down onto that meaty shaft and was able to get it in and boy, did he stretch me out. I rode that huge cock for a good long while and when I came, it was explosive. He then shot his load deep into my still spasming pussy, and I was left a bit stretched, but ultimately satisfied. I felt like such a slut picking up a stranger, but it really did feel great!

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