Let Me Be Your Whore

My new boyfriend is quite into domination and he likes to tie me up. I’ve had guys tie me to the bed post before, but this one trusses me up like a turkey and then some. There’s no escaping the ropes he puts me into! I had never been tied so totally before, but I was willing to give it a try and he warned me it would be tight and some of my muscles might cramp, but we had a safe word and I never used it, it was an interesting experiment actually and I enjoyed it.

He had me tied up and then laid me on the bed and fed his hard, throbbing cock into my mouth, which was already dripping with precum at the excitement of being the one to tie me up for the first time like this. I took it and sucked on it hungrily and he blew his load down my throat in short order, then he flipped me over and asked if I was ready to receive his cock and I was and he made me beg for it, and I felt like such a needy slut, but I took it and loved it.

He pounded me relentlessly and I again had his load, this time in my overflowing wet pussy. I thanked him for allowing me to be his whore, that it was an honor to feel his seed dripping out of me and be useful to him. I’d never said such submissive things in my life and felt silly in a way saying them, but in another way, I really did like pleasing him and being there for him in this way and I cannot deny it made me cum much harder than I normally do and I look forward to being his tied up whore again soon.

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