Pound My Pussy


I love getting fucked from behind, it’s one of if not my favorite way to get my pussy pounded. I went over to my boyfriend’s last night and we rolled around a bit being naughty, but as usual I ended up in this position and I loved it. The nice, deep penetration, getting my tits grabbed and my nipples squeezed feeling him give it to me from behind. I find if I squeeze my legs together a bit it feels even better, makes my clit feel a lot better with that pressure of the squeezing.

He licked my pussy from behind before he fucked me, I was getting that tongue all over my clit and I was nearly on the verge of an orgasm when he decided to not let me cum that way, but to fuck me hard and make me beg for it in my pussy. I like to be told to beg for it, it makes me feel like such a slut to plead for his cock. He grabbed me by the hips and his hard cock just plunged into my pussy, all the way up to the balls.

I was gripping my cunt muscles all around his dick, milking him from the inside out, squeezing them until he was ready to burst his copious load of seed inside of me. I was bucking back and forth like an animal in heat and he finally released his load once I came and I could feel him shooting and shooting inside of me, filling me up until his seed dripped down my leg. Yes, from behind to me is the hottest, most primal way to fuck.

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