The More The Merrier


I like sexual variety, there’s no doubt about it. My husband doesn’t have a small cock, I’m not looking to get a bigger dick when I see other men, I just get bored with one man and always have. Some men can handle it and some can’t, so I’m upfront about not being exclusive at the beginning so they don’t get hurt. Many have thought they’d somehow “be enough” for me and I wouldn’t need to see other guys on the side, but that’s just never once been the case.

The other night at a party I really hit it off with not one but two of the guests and I wanted to fuck them both. I had a talk with them and they were both agreeable to a threesome, so my husband was at home and I didn’t want to rub his face in it, so we went back to one of their places and we fucked the whole night and it was hot. I sucked both of their cocks and rubbed their cocks together, I always found that hot when I’d seen that in gay porn and they seemed to like it as well.

I was fucked by both of them and they both had nice cocks and I came many times from the two of them pounding me. I’d had a threesome a few times before and always had fun. I like having all that attention given to me and all about my pleasure. They were very concerned about me cumming as much as possible. I was left one sticky, cum covered whore by the end of our little threesome. I went home at dawn and my husband looked at me with my mussed hair and smelling of sex as I made my way to the shower, he knew. I didn’t confirm or deny anything. I’m glad he lets me have my fun.

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