Risky Teenage Sex


When I was in my teens I was constantly horny, I was masturbating like a fiend a couple of times a day usually. In bed with my fingers, in the shower with the shower massager, when I got a boyfriend, I had someone else to help me cum. I was absolutely shameless in the places I’d masturbate or fuck. It’s a wonder I didn’t get caught a hundred times, but luckily I seemed to always avoid it.

One night after a hot date we’d had where we fucked for hours in the backseat of his car, I still couldn’t get enough and when he brought me to my door, it was already two am and I thought I was going to get yelled at badly as soon as I walked in for being an hour late. Miraculously, I think they;d gone to sleep early, they’d both been sick and been weak, so just turned in and didn’t pay any attention to me being late, they were already asleep. I wanted to fuck again once more and started to go for my boyfriends cock right there in the entry hall. It was a foolish risk I knew, but I wanted him so badly. So we did it, we fucked right there on the hall floor like animals as my parents slept upstairs.

We tried to be quiet as we got down on the floor, I didn’t take my clothes off, as I wanted to be able to jump up fully dressed if anyone came out of their rooms, but as soon as I touched my boyfriend, they came off as usual, I wanted that full body contact I loved so much, and he stripped down as well. I prayed as we fucked we’d finish in peace and we did. He then left and I crept up to shower. Risky sex can be a lot of fun.

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