Public Masturbation



Most would agree it’s likely for the best to confine ones masturbatory practices to the home, and not in front of open ground floor windows. Privacy is the best route, but for many, masturbation in public or even sex in public is a very arousing thing. Callers ask nearly every single day if I’ve masturbated in public, this seems to be a very common question for them to ask. Well, not pubic exactly, but in a health club whirlpool, there was no one around, I am not really sure that even counts.

Some have told me wild tales of risky public masturbation things they have done, from airplanes to under the table in the library to restaurant bathrooms, to in the backseat of the car while their dad was driving, to like the above pic, on a city bus under a coat across the lap. Quite the risky little masturbators are out there for certain.

The element of possibly being caught is a strongly exciting one for many, the thought they might be caught just heightens things to an enormous degree for some and they chance it. Some have been caught, and the embarrassment, I don’t know how they could handle it. Having sex in public is even more of a risk, yet it doesn’t stop people. It seems so classless and common to me, to have anyone see you engaged in such a private moment in public. They have more horniness than common sense. Wait until you get home, avoid any troubles with the law and relax and enjoy yourself in private.

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