From Behind, Baby!


This hot date I was on this week, I’d been discussing a caller with new boyfriend and how he only likes sex from behind, my boyfriend also likes doggy style, so he said he understood the appeal, but likes to mix it up once and a while with different positions. I agree, all positions have their place and can be good for variety, but after this very pro doggy style caller, I think he honestly has intimacy issues to only every be able to do it that way with no eye contact.

We decided in his honor to fuck in that position and it was indeed hot, I love being taken from behind and having my tits grabbed and squeezed hard as I feel a nice, hard dick sliding into me ready to give me a good pounding. One way we can fuck in that position to maintain eye contact is to fuck in front of a mirror, that way our eyes can lock in the mirror, yet still be able to enjoy that position without the lack of intimacy.

For ones that prefer the dark to fuck in, obviously that wouldn’t work, since you need the light on to see the mirror with, but if it means that much to you to look in their eyes as you’re getting fucked, you can tolerate the lights being on. I love the feel of the warm, filled up testicles bouncing off my ass as I’m about to clench down and cum all over that cock, it’s very good and the angle can hit your G spot just right as well and allows me to rub my clit at the same time, so it’s a good position for lots of reasons.

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