Fem Domme Sadism


Lots of clients are into sadism and BDSM and female superiority to varying degrees. One I’ve been talking to likes to take things to a more aggressive level. His fantasy is an island of Dommes that torture and even kill the men if they cum. They are there to service the women and if they cum, well, they are killed, it’s as simple as that. You see, all the Dommes are fitted with handguns, so at any time if a submissive gets aroused and actually has an orgasm, he’s taking several rounds to the head and body.

The Dommes work as a group, they find enjoyment in beating up the men and practically beating them within an inch of their lives, then tormenting them, arousing them, making them cum and then pow, some feet to the skull, then the groin, then out come the guns. It’s a very violent fantasy he has to be overtaken by these cruel, overpowering women, and he goes wild at the prospect of being on such an island of powerful women like this that are not afraid to use their powers on men and even take them out. Truth be told, no men really make it off the island alive, it’s a one way trip, yet they willingly went there.

Some take fantasies to the extreme in cases like this. I doubt if anyone offered them the chance to go for real to such a place they wouldn’t be coming home from they’d actually go, but you never know, some people are just that extreme and just might decide the last orgasm of their life would be worth dying for after being induced by a group of women that are there to kill them for cumming when they’ve been instructed not to.

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