Risky Masturbation


One thing many callers tell me they do is risky masturbation. It’s quite common for guys to be jerking off in cars in full view of others, in parking lots, parked on sidewalks where ones can see in the windows. Others have said they spy on someone and jerk off as they are looking. Many confess to having watched their mom in the shower and jerking off as they watched her through the crack in the door and she had no clue they were that close by.

One recently told me about a masturbation experience from his youth on a road trip with his family. It amazes me how risky some are in their actions. His sister was asleep beside him, his mom was asleep in the front seat and his father was driving, he was sitting right behind his father and he rubbed one out as they drove down the highway in the dark with the radio softly playing. His dad had no idea what was going on right behind him! I can’t imagine taking such risks, but teenage boys get very horny and they can often take any available opportunity, no matter how ill thought out. The embarrassment factor would be high if things went wrong.

I think of the American Pie movies and how many things went wrong for the poor protagonist and his risky masturbation habits. Horniness can truly put you in a weird state of mind and make foolish choices you wouldn’t otherwise make in a normal state of mind. The humorous tales at someone else’s expense make for good listening down the road, but at the time they unfold, are most embarrassing for the ones that got caught with dick in hand, or finger in pussy.

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